How to take care of dry skin daily in 6 simple steps

Having a dry skin can be a really challenging thing when it comes to adopting an optimal daily skin care routine. It can be a really tedious task to find some amazing products that are compatible with your skin, especially if you are one of those people who have an extremely dry skin.

This blog entails 6 simple steps you can follow to cater your dry skin in an optimal way.


Before we get on to the real deal, let us first look at the possible reasons your skin becomes dry. Although, you might naturally have a dry skin type, just like most people have oily skin, there might be a few other reasons your skin is becoming dry.

Winters & cold weathers

You might have seen your skin getting really dry in winters, even if you naturally have oily skin type. That is because lower temperatures can deprive your skin of the natural oil & moisture it possesses, making it really dry, cracked & easily prone to irritation.

Underlying skin conditions

 There are chances of your skin getting dry due to any underlying skin conditions like eczema etc. It is therefore a wise decision to consult your dermatologist & get treated in time. 

Excessive washing

 Washing your skin frequently is another major cause of dryness. Washing your face with a face wash or soap every now & then makes the natural moisture go away causing your face to dry out. 

Sun exposure

 Having your skin exposed to direct sunlight can also cause dryness. The harmful sun & UV rays are harsh enough to extract the moisture out your skin, making you prone to various skin & health related complications like wrinkles, aging, skin cancer etc.


 Dry skin might come with the following symptoms:

  • White residue or flakes on skin
  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Irritation
  • Rough skin
  • Cracked skin
  • Greyish appearance etc.

How to take care of dry skin daily?

Having known the factors that might dry out your skin or aggravate skin dryness along with the symptoms that usually show up in people with dry skin, we now come to the actual steps you can follow as a skincare routine for dry skin.

1. Cleanse

Just like any skincare routine starts with cleansing, you first need to cleanse your skin properly in order to remove any makeup, impurities or bacteria from your face. Cleansing your skin will even stimulate the blood flow, making it appear healthy while igniting a natural glow from within. It is also really important to choose a cleanser according to your skin condition. Picking up a wrong cleanser might be detrimental for your skin. For dry skin, you need a facewash that does not dry your face out yet cleans all the impurities. You can use Hammé Naturals Daily Moisturizing Aloe & Cucumber Face Wash for this purpose.

2. Exfoliate

Of course, after you are done with a nice cleansing, you need to exfoliate your skin. We won’t be surprised if you were told not to exfoliate your skin if you have a dry skin as this is one of the most common myths associated with dry skin. However, the fact is, exfoliation is really good for dry skin as it removes the dead skin cells that appear on the surface of your skin, giving a rough, flaky & cracked appearance. Again, you need to be really careful while choosing a suitable exfoliator for dry skin as there are specific skin care products for different skin types.

3. Apply a toner

Although, most individuals skin this part, it is a healthy practice to include a toner in your skincare routine as it soothes irritation & helps in further hydration. It is also said to relieve dry skin as it removes any left over impurities while not extracting out your skin’s natural oils & moisture.

4. Use a Serum

Serums are a great source of hydration & nourishment for your skin, especially those that contain hyaluronic acid, which is well-known for its moisture absorbing & holding properties. You can apply a serum that suits your skin after you apply your toner. Make sure to keep a check on the quantity as too much serum can result in rather drastic effects.

5. Moisturize

Once you are done with applying toner & serum, you now head over to apply a moisturizer. It is really necessary to follow the right order as it might otherwise cause adverse reactions. Well, this is the most important part for dry skin individuals as the real moisturization occurs in this step. You need to moisturize your skin using a good moisturizer that works fine for you. I know, that one thing we all look for in moisturizers is their non-oily & non-sticky nature, right? You can use Hammé Naturals Rich Moisturising Day Cream as it hydrates your skin without making your skin sticky or oily at all, that too, with an amazing cocoa butter fragrance.

6. Apply an eye cream

As we know that dry skin is more vulnerable to wrinkles & other signs of aging. It is therefore necessary to have a check on this element & of course, you can’t ignore your eyes in this regard, right? Eye creams are anti-aging in nature & help you get rid of those crow’s feet or dark circles that might be a reason to make you look older as they are rich in vitamins C & E that work against pigmentation & wrinkles. After you are done with the full face moisturization, take a small amount of your favorite eye cream on your fingertips & gently massage under your eyes,

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

In addition to following the above mentioned skincare steps, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle to complement your skincare routine & generate better results. Here is what you can do:

Drink a plenty of water

Just external hydration does not bring about effective results if you are not hydrated well internally. Water is really vital for your skin. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily for proper hydration & healthy working of your body.

Have an intake of Omega-3

Yes, omega-3 is really good for dry skin. All those times someone told you to consume fish & nuts, they were undeniably right! But again remember, excess of everything is bad.

Avoid hot showers

No matter how much nice & cozy they feel, hot showers can damage your skin. They take away the skin moisture, making your skin dry & irritated. Also, make sure not to rub a towel aggressively as you can strip your skin this way.

Use a sunscreen

Apply a good sunscreen on the exposed areas of your skin whenever you leave home, in order to keep your skin protected from the harmful sun & UV rays.

Be consistent with the skincare routine

There is no one time skin care practice that will give you effective results. You need to be consistent with the skincare routine you are following to keep it safe & seek amazingly effective results.

When to see a dermatologist?

Although, it is common to follow a skincare routine among individuals around the world, you still might need to see a dermatologist if adverse reactions take place.  You might want to look for board certified dermatologists near you if redness, rash, irritation or burning occurs as a result of any product or you are facing any serious skin condition.